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Purpose statement
The purpose of this website is to provide comprehensive, neutral and accurate information on adventure games, their authors, types, subgenres, themes, companies developing and publishing them and other related things. We accomplish it with a dedicated database which makes any information easy to seek for.

Our policies
*Our game information sections are not reviews - they are meant to be written from a neutral point of view and incorporate the opinions presented in various reviews of the game rather than the personal opinion of the author.
*While in many other websites it is possible to stumble upon information (in such material as game reviews) hinting on what will happen later in the game or even how the game will end we pursue a strict no spoilers policy. Our plot descriptions are meant to describe only the very start of the game and, where possible, the main events that happened prior to the start of the game.
*The database is dedicated to adventure games and therefore such sections as the company descriptions or author biographies concentrate on the relation of particular companies or people to the adventure game market.
*For the same reason unlike other databases that list some adventure games we are able to provide data that is only typical to adventure games (such as lists of novelizations of the game or types of control) and all the other data is written with adventure games in mind.
*The database is meant to be easy to navigate, easy to search and well interconnected.

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